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Sun opposite Venus

The Company You Keep

Kelli Fox

You're kinetically attractive this week, so be careful of the company you keep. You'll probably have a great time no matter what you do, but you'll spend time with just about anyone, as long as the laughter and conversation are flowing. For this reason, keep it light.

Don't make any promises, or any big decisions; wait until your normal good sense returns to take any big relationship steps, for example. If you're romantically involved with someone, beware: You're in the mood for fun, but your sweetie might not like the way you're pursuing it at any cost. On the other hand, you're not in the mood to argue, so you might want to leave those issues for later discussion. For now, you just want to enjoy yourself, and you might try to buy your way out of a tight spot with your sweetie, showering them with gifts they don't really need -- and that you can't really afford. Spending too much is a definitely possibility now; you may be sorely tempted to possess some luxury or indulgent purchase. If your partner or friend warns you not to spend the money, don't sulk or take it out on them, because later they'll just be able to say 'I told you so!'

Sun opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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