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Sun opposite Saturn

Authority Issues

Kelli Fox

This is one of those weeks when random assertions of authority really get under your skin. It's as if they're trying to stop you just because they can! This dynamic can happen in any area of life -- personal, business, out on the road while you're driving or when you're just doing your daily chores -- and it will be equally annoying no matter where you find it.

What's odd about this is that what seems to be outside you is actually inside you: That parent, spouse, teacher or police officer is really a manifestation of your own inner authority, telling you something that you already know! Perhaps that's why you resent it so much. How to handle all this opposition to everything you're trying to do? Don't let them get you down. Be gracious in accepting their 'constructive criticism.' Instead of taking the opposite corner from them, see if you can meet in the middle. However things go, just be glad this is just a once-a-year transit, because it promises to be more hassle than good times. The good news? Things will return to normal in a week or so, so just bide your time until then. And if you come into contact with people in authority, like your boss or a police officer, play nice!

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