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Sun opposite Pluto

A Rock and a Hard Place

Kelli Fox

You're darned if you do and darned if you don't this week, as you try to stick up for yourself in the face of challenges, all the while trying to avoid appearing overbearing or controlling. Meetings at work, dates with someone special, even lunch out with good friends can turn unpleasant -- and this time it's mostly you, not them. You'll think they're pushing all your buttons, when really, all your subconscious hurts and old wounds are coming back to you now, demanding that you deal with them.

Look at the nature of the unpleasantness: Maybe your boss makes you feel incompetent, or your friends make you feel flaky or self-centered. Whatever the issue might be, it reflects a real source of anxiety inside you, one that needs to be faced with courage if you ever want it to be resolved. Are you ready to put in that hard work and time? If not, then this is more likely just to be an unpleasant week. Talking to close friends about the issues that come up could be a good way to clarify your problems and let go of some of that stress that's bound to build up; keeping up your exercise routine is also a good way to pound it out, through sweat and aching muscles.

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  1. Nora Kittle on August 19, 2016 at 6:01 am

    Thank you for the reading. I appreciate your insight. I am sure it will help me.
    Thanks again, Nora

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