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Sun opposite Mercury

Explain and Listen

Kelli Fox

Your thoughts, opinions and statements may be challenged this week, and you may not know quite how to respond. While social events are not out of the question, you'll find that others will express very different opinions than yours, and lively debates, or even arguments, can ensue. Conversation probably isn't going to flow easily; you or they will take offense and hurt feelings are likely.

Your mind isn't as sparklingly clear as usual, and it's as if your tongue is tied in knots! You've definitely got foot-in-mouth disease this week, and if you're talking to someone who doesn't know you that well, like your boss or a potential new friend, you might be better off just keeping quieter than usual. Or, another way to deal with this period might be to trust in yourself. Don't let others' challenges or opinions muddle your own thinking. Explain yourself -- you're more articulate than you think -- and calmly listen to ideas that differ from your own. You may find that as your mind expands to entertain new concepts, you increase your tolerance and understanding as well. Use this time to express yourself clearly and listen carefully to ideas that are not your own.

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