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Sun conjunct Venus

Tastefully Creative

Kelli Fox

Love is in the air during this period. You're feeling more tuned in than usual to the sensitive, sweet and creative side of life. You may not want to work, and you definitely don't want to argue; you want to get along with everyone and live the sweet, easy life for a few days.

This might make things a little difficult if you have a big project that needs to get done at the office, unless your work is inherently creative -- in which case, you'll get a lot done! Negotiations with clients should go swimmingly now, because you're putting everyone at ease and making even strangers feel like friends. Outside the office, this is the perfect time to make contact with someone you love. Your touch is warm and loving, so offer a massage to a stressed-out friend, or a hug to someone who's down. You can also amp up the flirting with your honey or your sweetie-to-be: Your powers of passive attraction are peaking right now! You should most definitely enjoy yourself, and spread the good feelings around. Aside from feeling affectionate and loving, your tastefully creative side will also be stimulated, so this is a great time to buy new clothes, get a haircut or plan some home redecorating.

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