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Sun conjunct Sun

Happy Birthday!

Kelli Fox

Happy Birthday to you! It's a brand new year for you, full of possibilities. You'll feel energized and important, because you're basking in your most positive and personal energetic source: the fiery power that is the core of your soul.

Take the time to honor yourself, and to acknowledge and appreciate the calls and messages coming to you today, because this attention feeds the fire that keeps your engine running. This is a wonderful time for you to begin new projects, or to start afresh on activities that have been lagging, because you're infused now with inspiration and the dedication needed to bring these projects to a satisfying fruition for you. Taking charge will come more easily for you now than at other times, for you speak with natural authority and leadership, and others will automatically follow your direction. Now more than any other time of the year, you'll be able to operate freely as an individual, clarifying your needs and desires without undue restriction or limitations from other people. So take this moment to embrace the positive energy you're feeling. What goes around comes around, and you will quickly radiate this love back out to the world.

Sun conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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