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Sun conjunct Neptune

Short Visit to the Dream World

Kelli Fox

If you can take a day or two off work this week, you'll be better off. You're just not going to turn in your best work. Instead, you'll have real trouble keeping your mind on the tasks at hand because you're in serious daydream mode.

You're way more interested in taking a pleasure cruise of your own design than in focusing on anything so mundane as reality. Rather than fighting this dreamy, spaced-out energy, work with it. Take vacation days. Go to the beach, or to a lake. Get a fish tank set up in your bedroom. Watch movies and read books to escape. Meditate, do yoga or practice your spiritual discipline. Listen to music that moves you. Make a collage of your favorite pictures. Just don't expect to do anything in an organized, practical manner. The purpose of this week is to remind you that there is a bigger reality than the one you participate in on a day-to-day basis. You're detached from the practical world, and closer to the spirit world. You're feeling sensitive, so be sure to make your surroundings -- and the company you keep -- serene.

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