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Sun conjunct Mercury

Speak Up Now!

Kelli Fox

Now is the perfect time to get get off your rear end and take pen, phone or keyboard in hand. Communications of all sorts are highly favored now, because you're able to express yourself clearly and authentically. You know your own mind and you're a good listener now, too, so take the time to get in touch with anyone who's waiting to hear from you, and even ones who aren't.

And take note: This transit doesn't last long. In a week, your resolve to answer those emails, pay those bills and return those phone calls will probably fizzle. So get on it! Don't squander this opportunity to read, study, do research and delve into areas that interest you. Not only will you be able to learn, you'll be able to teach, too. And people will listen to you, even more than usual. Could it be because you're both interesting and tactful now? Whatever it is, you're coming across in a wonderful way, and you should take advantage. Pitch that innovative idea to your boss, start writing that short story or poem that's been kicking around in your head, or talk to your best friend about that issue that's been getting under your skin lately. Whatever it is, now is the perfect time to tackle it.

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