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Sun conjunct Jupiter

The Power of Positive Action

Kelli Fox

This should be one of the best weeks of the year for you! You're feeling wonderful -- luck is on your side and one opportunity after another pops up. Good things seem to drop right into your lap -- but you know what?

It's not just luck: It's that you're tuned in to those opportunities, and you're actually reaching out and grabbing hold of them. That's the only difference between now and any other period of your life; you have a can-do attitude that makes things happen. You should never underestimate the power of positive thinking! There's no better time to give liberally to those in need, because your acts of good will and generosity will ripple far beyond your expectations. But there is one thing to be cautious of: Don't be overbearing. If you sweep in and offer to fix everyone's problems, people might think you're being arrogant and presumptuous. Your self-assurance could look like superiority, your confidence like self-righteousness. But if this happens, just keep on keeping on, spreading the wealth around as best you can. This period is the perfect time to seal deals at work; you can expand your professional horizons easily now if you want to.

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