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Saturn trine Venus

Making the Most of Love and Money

Kelli Fox

Creativity, love and money are all favored during this rare but powerful transit. You're able to take practical, well planned steps to improve each of these areas of your life. In creative activities, it's not enough just to write them down now.

You want to make the real thing, finding and solving problems as they develop in the process. Your relationships, including your love life, will also respond well to a proactive, hands-on approach. This is a good time to take steps forward in any serious relationship, be it personal or professional. Discuss your goals and review your methods of achieving them; you can make necessary adjustments and work hard to make your dreams a reality. Business matters will meet with successful outcomes; you'll also handle money matters well, creating and following a sensible budget and making sure you get the best value when you spend. You live within your means now, and should make it a point to contribute to your savings or retirement account. This is year when most matters should flow smoothly for you without undue effort, barring any other more powerful and difficult influences. Make the most of it!

Saturn trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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