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Saturn trine Uranus

Creative Tension

Kelli Fox

This year you'll learn firsthand how navigating that space between what has gone before and what's yet to come will result in some radical yet practical concepts coming through in the present -- things so obvious, you'll wonder why no one has thought of them before! You're entering a year of creative tension, one in which your most unique imaginings will find a voice and your best ideas a concrete outlet. You're able to take those flashes of inspiration and turn them immediately into a viable plan.

There's a balance between tradition and progressive thinking. 'That's the way it's always been done' flows into, 'But let's try something new for a change.' In fact, this is an excellent time to incorporate some changes in your own life. Identify what areas need improvement, research ideas for how to accomplish that and then effortlessly make the adjustments necessary. You will meet with very little resistance from others as your incorporate these changes; in fact, they may see your good ideas and try them out, too! Don't waste this opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle and beliefs, so you can meet your future more easily.

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