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Saturn trine Sun

Striding Toward Your Goals

Kelli Fox

You are a model of hard work, integrity, responsible action and devotion to duty. You stride toward your goals and objectives with strength, excellent timing and confidence. This is a solid, steady time when your vital energy is strong and your purpose is clear; your ambitions are well defined and you've outlined a practical and sensible plan for getting to the place where you want to go.

You've set up a well-oiled machine that now practically runs itself with a minimum of effort from you. Make no mistake: This is the direct result of the good work you have already set in motion, so you should feel excellent about enjoying the fruits of your labor. Use this time to build up your physical strength as well as professional experience. Strong muscles encourage bone strength, and building this foundation is an important preparation for the next several years. Leadership is also a possibility at this time: Perhaps you'll be promoted in your workplace, or you may receive recognition for work you've already done. You're in a good place mentally to accept the recognition without letting it go to your head. You know there is so much more to achieve!

Saturn trine Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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