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Saturn trine Saturn

Stability and Progress

Kelli Fox

If you like stability and progress, you'll find a lot of satisfaction in your work this year. Well constructed endeavors and projects continue with little effort from you, for your previous effort and hard work pays off now in processes that practically run themselves. You're able to incorporate previously successful ventures and experiences into your new projects, and can take the long view, imagining and creating goals and objectives that may not be fulfilled for years -- but that's okay with you.

You like to see where you've come from and where you're going, as this gives you a good sense of long-range timing. You work equally well by yourself and in groups, where your authority and maturity are clearly visible, and your experience helps you lead those who are young or new to your field. This is an excellent time to turn your attention to long-term personal security matters; contribute to your savings or retirement account, make sure your important papers are in order, even install a security system in your car or home. Enjoy this year and the excellent benefits it brings you, and remind yourself that you are enjoying the fruits of your own labors.

Saturn trine Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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