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Saturn trine Mercury

Your Mind: A Finely Tuned Instrument

Kelli Fox

You make great strides now in any type of communication, writing, speaking or learning program. Your logic and mental processes are strong, based on factual evidence from which you've drawn solid conclusions. You're able to present yourself and your ideas with clarity; your suggestions are practical.

You absorb information easily now, and are able to distribute it as well, often in a teaching or classroom environment. This is an excellent time to take a class or to teach one; in fact, taking on a tutoring or mentoring role is favored now. Nothing inspires learning a subject so much as having to teach it! Commerce, contracts and negotiations go smoothly during this favorable period, and you're able to build your business concerns with specific goals in mind as well as outlining a practical way to achieve them. You can take on many mental tasks at this time, confident that you'll complete them in a timely manner. Your mind is a finely tuned instrument, sharp and perceptive, open to new information that you'll easily incorporate into what you already know. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to easily improve all of your mental processes.

Saturn trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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