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Saturn square Sun

Taking On a Challenge

Kelli Fox

Something is getting in your way now, interfering with your goals, and you don't like it. The form this challenge will take could be anything from an authority figure demanding better work from you, to the unavoidable consequences of your past actions -- or lack of action. You may feel like you barely have the energy to handle your problems right now: You're feeling discouraged, disappointed, maybe even depressed.

Obligations and responsibilities seem to sneak up on you, and yet you don't feel you can ask for help. A strong sense of isolation, of having to go it alone, pervades these several months. Social events fall through, circumstances and relationships change, and you aren't much in the mood for going out anyway; surely your sour mood would spoil a fun evening for others. The best way to regard this influence is that it is a time of testing. Your inner strength and dedication and projects you've already begun are now faced with tests that will make or break you, but if you keep your nose to the grindstone, patiently continuing to work toward your goals, you'll emerge from this period a stronger and more focused individual.

Saturn square Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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