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Saturn square Saturn

One Step After Another

Kelli Fox

This is an important time of testing in your life. Endeavors, relationships and projects that you began earlier will come to a point of crisis. Any errors or oversights you've made will now come to the surface.

You must decide whether or not to continue along the same path you've been following; is it time to change direction? Challenges come from situations and events that you can't control, creating anxiety and frustration inside you. Will you pass the test or not? What happens if you don't? How much will all this cost you, financially and emotionally? This can be a year of much hand-wringing and uncertainty, when patience runs short but you feel unable to do much to help yourself. Your best efforts seem to fall short of your expectations, creating discouragement. Your energy is low and you may not feel inspired, creative or happy. It will be difficult to discern which projects to continue, which to adjust and which to jettison, but these are decisions you must make. Once that is sorted out, don't permit yourself to be immobilized by discouragement. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you will make progress.

Saturn square Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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