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Saturn square Neptune

Lost Dreams

Kelli Fox

Reality intrudes this year upon your favorite dreams, and cold, hard facts shatter your dearest illusions. Influences that seem beyond your control are affecting you, trying to pin you down, to get a commitment -- but you are a slippery fish. You're in a little panic, though, because they are successfully limiting the size of your fishbowl, making you squirm all the more in your attempt to evade their grip.

This challenger could be an actual person, someone who won't accept your evasive excuses and half-answers; or it could be a situation or difficult circumstance, most likely one of your own making; a house of cards built upon a dream, the most unstable of structures. A good, stiff wind blows it down in far less time than it took to build it. As you watch your fantasies evaporate, you'll feel disappointed and most definitely disillusioned. You'll have difficulty replacing your lost dreams with something -- anything! -- more practical. Although it would be easy to fall into a pessimistic and bitter mindset, don't succumb to this temptation. Seek solace in more spiritual pursuits, something larger than yourself: It's here where you may well find the comfort you now need.

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