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Saturn square Mercury

A Challenge to Your Mind

Kelli Fox

This year, expect challenges to your communication style and thinking processes. If there are holes in your logic, you can be sure that someone will point them out to you. Rather than digging your heels in and insisting you're right, it's a much better response to listen and learn from constructive criticism.

Although this can be a difficult period, in the end you can make huge strides in your ability to think logically, write clearly and speak with clarity, focus and purpose. In business, there may be delays in completing contracts or other negotiations, due to miscommunications or to details that need to be ironed out. Keep your composure; that will develop your maturity and demand the respect of your business associates, bosses and coworkers. You may feel mentally overburdened for several months; you'll seem to have too many tasks involving writing, numbers, spreadsheets, analysis, yada, yada, yada... You might feel you don't have what it takes to complete these jobs, but getting help will be almost as difficult. Try not to succumb to the feeling that you'll never be able to do it all. It will get done, and you'll learn valuable skills in the meantime.

Saturn square Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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