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Saturn sextile Uranus

Keeping the Baby, Not the Bath Water

Kelli Fox

Incorporating the old into the new is a strength you will develop in the coming year. You're more able than usual to identify and extract practical information from previous projects and plans. Even more importantly, you can use this information in the creation of new and forward-thinking endeavors -- for making exciting but practical changes in your life.

You won't throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak; now, more than ever, you can incorporate the old and the new to create amazing and unique concepts. This blend of past and future makes your ideas more amenable and acceptable to the more conservative, traditional people in your life, who might otherwise reject your radical notions out of hand. In fact, these folks may unexpectedly have more ideas and information to contribute to your projects! Be open to new concepts because you will be able to incorporate them more easily now than at other times. You have, for this year, a rare opportunity to flow smoothly between what came before and what is yet to come, so focus your energy on the now in order to create a practical bridge between the two.

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