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Saturn sextile Sun

Responsible, Steady and Strong

Kelli Fox

You can make great progress during this period. Your energy is steady and your endurance is excellent. This is a time of recommitting yourself to projects you've already started, and of making steady progress toward your stated goals.

From time to time, check your task list and make sure everything is on track. If anything is out of alignment, you're able to easily adjust to get things where they belong. You take your responsibilities very seriously, and find that nothing distracts you from the program you've outlined for yourself, whether that's an exercise program, a course of study, or a work project; in fact, you achieve great personal satisfaction now from checking things off your lengthy to-do list. When opportunities come your way, you can see them realistically and incorporate them when it's appropriate. You're very practical and pragmatic now, steadily applying your energy toward specific purposes. Your excellent sense of timing enables you to manage your schedule and task list, and still leave enough time to enjoy your family and loved ones. You recognize that your personal life deserves your attention and devotion as much as your professional life does.

Saturn sextile Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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