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Saturn opposite Sun

Patience is a Virtue

Kelli Fox

The good thing about this transit is that it only comes around once every thirty years, because when it does come, it can be discouraging and unpleasant. Often it relates to events or circumstances that occurred fourteen or fifteen years ago; now the consequences of those events are coming back to you. For about a year, you may feel continually thwarted in your efforts to move forward toward the goals you've set for yourself.

Sometimes it's circumstances, but more often it's other people who are in your way, particularly people in authority, such as your parents, teachers or supervisors. You're constantly asked to prove yourself, clarify your plans, adjust your ambitions. These authority figures may heap responsibilities upon you that you hardly feel qualified or even energetic enough to accept, but they leave you no choice. In the face of all this opposition, your vitality sinks, self-confidence plummets and depression could set in. If there is a bright side to this influence, it's that you will develop patience. Lay low, work hard, accept the challenges given to you by those authority figures, and keep to yourself. These are the best tools to use to get through this trying time.

Saturn opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. Christine Kelli on June 21, 2017 at 2:08 am

    I asked about my ‘friendship’ with my daughter and some of this has been accurate, however the so called ‘consequences’ of circumstances have been disasterous and we are now estranged and I have yet to meet my new grandson which my daughter (16/05/1980) has denied me.

    so there has been some accuracy in what you came up with.

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