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Saturn opposite Pluto

A Time of Testing

Kelli Fox

This year, you'll be forced to look deeply inside yourself to understand why your resources seem so limited and why you feel so stressed by outside influences. Other people, particularly those who have authority over you, stand in your way and challenge you strongly, forcing you to reassess your own position and what you have to offer. Setbacks may occur as well as severe limitations on money and other personal resources.

If you cling to the things you're losing in a desperate attempt to keep them, you will ultimately fail; although it may be difficult to see right now, the losses you experience will eventually contribute to your personal growth and ability to take care of yourself. Often this is a time when even more responsibility is thrust upon you, requiring you to work very hard without letting up. There seems to be no end in sight as you struggle to maintain what you've already achieved while continuing to meet your goals. This very rare influence lasts about a year and is a time of extreme tests of your physical strength as well as your personal resources. Measured application of effort is your best strategy for getting through this period.

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