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Saturn opposite Neptune

Knocked Down to Size

Kelli Fox

This year, your life is kind of like a boxing match. In one corner of the ring, you have your dreams, hopes and fears, your illusions and fantasies, all wrapped up in a lovely gown of feathers, lace and boas, shimmering and transparent. In the other corner is bitter reality -- the cold, cruel world -- all buffed up, with a bevy of coaches and supporters behind it.

It's time to lace up your internal gloves, so these two can duke it out. And it seems obvious at first who will win: Reality comes out of its corner, swinging. Illusion disappears, then reappears somewhere else, wafting around the ring like vapor. When Reality finally gets in a good swing, the glove goes right through Illusion, as if it wasn't even there -- like fighting with a ghost! By the end of the first match, Reality has managed to pin down and knock out some of Illusion's most cherished parts, but by the end of the fight, Reality is worn out -- and parts of Illusion have survived. During the coming year, you may have many such internal matches. This process will knock your illusions down to size, but it won't destroy them, and that's a good thing. You should always have hopes and dreams to count on.

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