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Saturn opposite Mercury

Learning From Disagreements

Kelli Fox

During this year, other people will challenge and oppose your thoughts, comments and logical perceptions. Disagreement and open conflict are entirely possible; you'll probably dig your heels in, stubbornly sticking to your viewpoint, unwilling or unable to hear what the other person is saying. This type of standoff can never result in a favorable resolution; something's got to give!

You may even end relationships with people who don't see eye to eye with you, but this is not the most effective way to handle fundamental differences of opinion. You can use this opportunity to clarify your own thinking processes and logical conclusions. Force yourself to explain your reasons for your particular position; if you find you are wrong in some areas, admit it, and promise yourself you'll educate yourself in these areas. On some matters, you may just have to agree to disagree. Learning to accept others who don' hold similar viewpoints is one way you can grow from your experiences this year; this is a far better option than holing yourself up, licking your mental wounds and throwing invisible spears at your so-called opponent. Learn to strengthen your own position through the opposition of others.

Saturn opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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