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Saturn opposite Mars

Opposing Forces

Kelli Fox

Those in authority seem to block your every move during the months of this influence. Every action on your part seems to trigger an equal but opposite reaction from people who have some hold over you -- anyone from your teachers, parents, boss or supervisors to your intimate partner. No matter what you attempt to do, someone steps in to say 'no way!' You may feel quite angry about all this opposition, but you'll sense that expressing it won't win you any points with people who already seem upset with you.

Although it's strange to consider, the opposition that seems to be outside you is actually stemming from internal conflict. If others are trying to block your efforts at self-assertion, perhaps that's because you've been too aggressive up to this point. If they are strong-arming your efforts at independence, maybe it's because you've been acting like you're the only person on the planet. These opposing voices are actually originating within you, but they are manifesting outside of you. Your best course of action is to show up, shut up and pay attention. Moderate your behavior to accommodate others, and this period will be much easier for you.

Saturn opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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