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Saturn opposite Jupiter

Limitations to Your Freedom

Kelli Fox

During the better part of this frustrating year, you will probably notice some strong restrictions on your freedoms. The sense of independence and prerogative that you usually enjoy is now severely challenged, and the ironic part is that it's probably your own doing. If you've been going through a period of unlimited expansion -- which could mean anything from your waistline to your credit card bill to all those new projects you've accepted at work -- take heed, because bitter reality is about to intrude.

Think about blowing up a balloon. You blow and blow, and it gets bigger and bigger, but at a certain point, the laws of physics demand that if you inflate a balloon enough, it will pop. Well, you've popped. None of your pants fit, you're afraid to open your credit card bill, and you're getting some hard questions from your boss. There's only one thing to do: Bite the bullet and clean up the mess you've made. Do the diet, get yourself on a budget, ask for help at work. The sooner you get yourself under control, the fewer external restrictions you'll experience. After all, you'd rather respond to your inner parent than your outer one, right?

Saturn opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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