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Saturn conjunct Venus

Hard Times in Love and Money

Kelli Fox

This year, both your love life and your finances will require much of your attention. This rare influence occurs only once every thirty years or so and is usually associated with difficulty in romance and finances. If you're currently in a romantic relationship, you may feel separated and remote from your lover; sometimes this can mean actual physical separation, but more often it refers to an emotional distance.

Even when you yearn to express your love, someone or something holds you back or prevents you from doing so. If you're single, you may feel more lonely and isolated than usual. Although you may not feel very social, make it a point to spend time with friends, to help ease your feelings of loneliness. In terms of finances, this transit is often associated with a reduction in resources. Often this is due to taking on financial responsibilities, such as a mortgage or purchasing a car, so although you have less money to work with, this is a sacrifice you make to obtain a benefit elsewhere. This period generally lasts almost a year, after which time these difficult emotions and experiences will end and you'll return to your usual, but more mature self.

Saturn conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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