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Saturn conjunct Uranus

Taming Wild Horses

Kelli Fox

This year, some of your most unusual ideas and even your wildest dreams can become real, but this may not come about as smoothly as you would like. Your big challenge will be to moderate and control the flow of energy, which will run strong but unevenly, in spurts. There's a tendency this year for things to build and build inside you, and then erupt in a disruptive way that shocks the people who are used to a more sedate you.

It feels as though some external influence is blocking your will, your creative urges, your desire for radical change. You're forced to deal with two very conflicting energies for several months: your own internal drive to be free and independent, and the need to recognize and honor your responsibilities. Picture a group of wild horses: rambunctious, frisky, seemingly uncontrollable. With patience, discipline and hard work, those horses can be trained to work together in an organized, directed fashion. Their energy isn't lost, it's simply harnessed to be more effective. This will be your challenge for the coming year: Tame and direct your inner wild horses, in order to manifest your unique ideas.

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