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Saturn conjunct Sun

Looking Inward

Kelli Fox

This transit is a rare and noteworthy one. It's all about taking responsibility, getting serious about life, reaping consequences and making goals. You must take stock of your personal and professional life, and jettison people and situations that hold you back.

This may not be easy but it must be done. Introspection forces withdrawal from your usual activities as you consider your life; you'll socialize less and may drop out of certain groups you've participated in. You'll spend less time with family and friends and more time by yourself, looking deeply within and evaluating your worth and potential. If you are prone to depression, that may become an issue at this time. Your physical energy and vitality will probably be low; this makes it all the more important to muster up the discipline to exercise regularly. You need your strength and endurance. Focus also on flexibility to keep you limber and to prevent stiffening. The body becomes a metaphor for the mind in this regard, for you must beware of being too stubborn or rigid mentally as well as physically. You will emerge after several months a stronger, more focused individual.

Saturn conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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