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Saturn conjunct Saturn

Time to Get on Track

Kelli Fox

You're experiencing the infamous 'Saturn Return' this year -- a fancy way of saying that Saturn has traveled its roughly twenty-nine-year cycle around the zodiac, returning to where it was when you were born. Many people regard this special time with dread, but there's actually nothing to be afraid of, especially if you're on the right track in life. If this is your first time going through this profound influence, you're at the portal of real, true adulthood.

You may make a dramatic change in a bid to become closer to the person you really want to be: You might change jobs, move across the country, get married or divorced, or have a baby. This is Saturn Return at work! Your past actions are now determining your future course, one way or the other. If this is your second Saturn Return, other issues arise. Decades of work are now behind you, and the care you've given your body and yourself will determine your health and energy level now. You may be retiring from your job, or considering how you can contribute or give back to your community. At any age, Saturn Return is a time of deep consideration about yourself and your unique contribution to the world.

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