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Saturn conjunct Pluto

Security and Control Issues

Kelli Fox

This is a year when you may have to get along with less than you're used to, because there is likely to be a noticeable reduction of your resources. Often this is due to matters that you've agreed to, such as saving up for something special or having a new member enter the household -- as a baby, perhaps, or an ailing older relative. You expect that there will be payoffs down the road for your current sacrifice, so it's one you're willing to make.

In fact, you may almost enjoy the reduced circumstances, in a stoic sort of way: 'Look how little I can survive on!' Security is certainly a major factor in all the big decisions you'll make this year; fear of loss may haunt your psyche, based on very deep and long-hidden memories from your youth when you felt neither safe or in control. Now that you are an adult you feel the deep urge to create the sense of safety and control that were missing in that early experience. So pay attention if someone tells you you've got control issues. It may be clue that you're going overboard. Hard work and increased responsibility are key concepts for you in this challenging but ultimately rewarding year.

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