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Saturn conjunct Mercury

Serious Thinking and Responsible Communication

Kelli Fox

You'll take all your mental processes -- communication, logic, learning, writing and so on -- more seriously in the coming year. In fact, profound thinking and careful, meaningful interactions with others could very well be a major theme for you for the next several months. You take a no-nonsense approach to the workings of your mind, thinking things through in a deep and serious way, puncturing holes in beliefs and thought processes that don't hold up to intense scrutiny.

It can be disorienting to revise your conclusions, but the upshot of this period is that you'll come closer now than ever to the truth. Although others may complain that you are overly serious and lacking in humor, this is a temporary state. This is an excellent time to take on a structured learning program, working toward the goal of a degree or certification of some type, or to tackle a writing project you've been thinking about, because you now have the discipline necessary to complete the task. This transit occurs only once every thirty years or so; therefore, it's important that you don't squander this opportunity to improve your logical processes and communication ability.

Saturn conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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