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Saturn conjunct Mars

Driving With The Brakes On

Kelli Fox

You're trying your best to get things going, to start new projects and also keep up your exercise program, but interference and delays are impeding your forward progress during this transit, and it's getting the better of you. A big part of you wants to stomp your foot and shake your fist at the heavens for bringing you such grief. But you're too old for that, so instead you try staying in bed all day.

You'll tell yourself, I've got no energy! But an hour after your alarm goes off, you're too restless to stay there any longer, so you'll get up to bravely face the day's troubles. And that's when things will start to go better for you: when you display courage. Steady effort and action applied to a specific purpose will carry you far. Decide at the beginning of each day what you must do; then prioritize your list and work on the first item until it's done. Use your common sense to help you master your energy. Make every effort count, and you won't have time to fall into depression. If you can use the current energy instead of succumbing to it, you will accomplish a great deal of work through effort and discipline. This is a maturing influence that can help you in the long run, if you let it.

Saturn conjunct Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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