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Pluto trine Venus

Relationship Upgrades

Kelli Fox

You're entering a period of emotional intensity regarding your relationships. You're beginning to recognize that what you've done in the past hasn't always worked; about some of the people you've gotten involved with, you might even ask yourself, What was I thinking? Probing the answers to this question will give you very important clues that will help you do things differently in the future.

You're in a place of emotional honesty now; you're willing to look at how your deeply rooted beliefs have affected your relationships, and how you can improve things in the future. Though your desire for an intimate connection may lead you to get involved with the first person who crosses your path, the relationships that you enter now will be of a transformative nature, even if they aren't permanent. You'll feel sexually charged, and others will pick up on this energy -- so channel and direct it carefully! If you heed the call and look seriously at your relationship issues, you'll look back on this period and recognize that it was a period of serious personal transformation that enabled you to start having much healthier relationships.

Pluto trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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