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Pluto trine Saturn

Working Toward Worthy Goals

Kelli Fox

You'll be able to make powerful and effective changes in your life during the course of this two-to-three-year transit, as you move along your path toward personal transformation and growth. Now you can grab the reins of your own development. You'll be able to incorporate all of your resources, both internal and external, in order to work diligently and effectively.

Because you're working toward specific goals that you have determined, and also because you don't expect immediate rewards, you're able to work long and hard toward achieving those objectives. You'll find success in your professional life as well as in personal matters: To you, they are one and the same! You understand your position in the big scheme of things. If you're striving for a deeper personal understanding, this is a great time to undergo therapy or to take on other activities that encourage self-exploration, such as practicing yoga or keeping a journal. You're able to look fearlessly, deeply within yourself, and to grasp how your past has brought you to the present. There's no better year to take stock of your life, make necessary improvements and travel far along your path of personal growth.

Pluto trine Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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