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Pluto trine Mercury

Research, Investigation and Insight

Kelli Fox

During this favorable two-to-three-year period, your mental capacities will be highlighted and your insight will increase. You're able to perceive underlying truths that were previously hidden to you, because you're no longer distracted by details that don't directly deal with the issue at hand. Research and investigation are favored during this period, as is any sort of self-reflection.

If you like writing, this is an excellent time to focus on developing this skill further by writing in a disciplined manner as much as possible. The reflections that you make on your own condition and those of the people around you will eventually have a much wider audience, for the issues you deal with are by no means your own. Your powers of effective communication are at an all-time high. Use this time to deeply probe into a subject or matter of extreme interest to you. You have the knack to ask the right questions that will lead you directly to the heart of the matter. You follow seemingly small leads to their powerful conclusions. Your insight into yourself and all matters that you turn your attention toward will benefit you and those around you for the rest of your life.

Pluto trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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