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Pluto trine Mars

Hard Work and Fun Too!

Kelli Fox

This two-to-three-year period is a prime time to develop your personal power and to work hard toward your goals. Ambition dominates your psyche during this time, and you can make remarkable progress toward fulfilling your dreams. You feel strong and independent, able to focus your intense energy toward any project or endeavor of your choosing.

Physically, you feel healthy; maintain your workout program in order to keep up your energy and strength. If you don't use it, you lose it, and this philosophy applies to more than just your body! The achievements you accomplish during this period make you feel good and keep you right on track; you feel rewarded for your efforts, which only increases your focus. Building on previous accomplishments and seeing the results of your work encourages you to work more. However, you are not all work and no play! Your sexual energies will be highlighted now too, as well as your self-confidence and charisma, so in addition to all your independent work, you'll definitely want to be around other people and exercise your extensive charm on them. Don't be surprised if you have more offers now than you can handle!

Pluto trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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