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Pluto square Uranus

An Agent of Change

Kelli Fox

You're living in a time when sweeping changes in the world around you are very clear, whether or not they directly affect your personal life. You'll be more alert and aware of the global or societal changes that occur during this period, identifying with people who are displaced or disrupted or whose lives have been altered by upheaval in their area. You may even be so bothered by these changes that you join groups or do something on a personal level to fight for positive change, or to assist people who are affected.

It's very unlikely that you'll attempt to resist changes that are occurring, for you understand the fundamental need for progress; however, it may upset you that sometimes individual rights seem to be sacrificed in the name of progress. You believe strongly in the right of each person to live their individual life with as much freedom as possible. If you see changes afoot that increase personal liberty and freedom, you'll quickly get on board, and may even be an agent of change yourself. This transit can afford you the opportunity to participate in global changes that are far bigger than you, or any individual.

Pluto square Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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