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Pluto square Pluto

A Time of Brutal Honesty

Kelli Fox

You're entering one of the mid-life transits that everyone experiences in their late 30s or early 40s. It can be quite an intense time of personal transformation, as you'll be required to come face to face with the results of old behaviors, beliefs and thoughts. This may not be a pleasant experience, and your first reaction may be to resist what you're learning.

But this will only increase the internal pressure you feel to change. This influence requires brutal honesty with yourself, and when this occurs, the results can be quite dramatic. Be on the lookout for people and situations that remind you of events and relationships from your past, particularly early family dynamics: These are the areas that most need the evolutionary shift that will change your life and free you up to be more truly yourself, not weighed down by unnecessary emotional baggage. The ultimate purpose of this transit is for you to clear the decks of your ship of life, to free you up from unconscious motivations and desires, and to reconnect you with your deepest inner treasure and resources, so that you can move forward into the second half of your life with honesty and consciousness.

Pluto square Pluto in the Compatibility Chart

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