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Pluto square Neptune

Spiritual Development, Late in Life

Kelli Fox

This transit is occurring at a point in your life when you've had some time to develop your spiritual beliefs and practices. You probably have practical experience now in seeing how your fantasies and unrealistic ideals have played out. This transit asks you to take a step deeper into those unseen areas of life, and to consider how you can transform your outmoded ideas and beliefs into something more solid and meaningful.

It can be a time of confusion, for these forces are largely unconscious and generally operate under the surface of the normal thought processes. However, you're in a time of transition, and if you're attentive, it will become clear how you can eliminate unfounded or unsupported beliefs within yourself and clear the way for a larger vision. As with any transformation, it may at first be difficult to sacrifice long-held and deeply cherished ideas, but you now clearly see the negative results of such thinking, which makes you more willing to examine and replace your outmoded beliefs and ideas. When properly handled, this subtle influence will hone and sharpen your spiritual side in preparation for the last chapters of your life.

Pluto square Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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