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Pluto square Mercury

Meet Mental Challenges Through Learning

Kelli Fox

You may experience challenging questions and situations that trigger surprising mental responses on your part. Misperceptions and outright untruths that you've been relying on since your youth are now up for review and revision. It is not pleasant to have the results of poor thinking and erroneous logic thrown in your face, but this seems to be the only way to get your attention these days.

You react defensively to what seem like intrusive questions about your thought process, but defensiveness will only increase your attachment to these faulty processes. As difficult as it may be, it's best to swallow your pride, admit you were wrong and learn from your mistakes. Locate areas in which you have difficulties with logic or other thought processes. It may be useful to find a teacher to help you through this process. Select a subject that you want to learn more about and find an expert to help you develop your interest. Using this method, not only will you locate difficulties in your path toward learning, you'll also learn more about a subject that you love! This is a challenging period, but one that has lifelong rewards if you face the challenges bravely.

Pluto square Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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