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Pluto sextile Venus

Cleaning Up Your Love Life

Kelli Fox

This should prove to be quite a beneficial two-to-three-year period for you. You'll be more in touch with your romantic ideals, and all of your relationships should improve as you examine your own patterns of behavior. Behaviors and relationships that no longer serve who you are today should be let go.

You can now get over old loves and give up emotional patterns that block you from having fulfilling relationships. Your sexual energies will increase now; you may start a new relationship. Love at first sight is a common experience during this type of influence, so keep your eyes open! Relationships started now may not last forever, but they will be important milestones in your relationship history. Certain months during this transit may be more difficult than others, but you can be comforted by the fact that these are the periods when you're bravely facing the truth about your relationship history, which can be an uncomfortable examination. Remember that the benefits of dragging these issues to the surface and dealing with them head-on leaves you free to pursue more authentic relationships in your future.

Pluto sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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