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Pluto sextile Sun

Getting On Board with Change

Kelli Fox

You are in a two-to-three-year period of subtle but important changes in your life, a time when you recognize that change must occur and you're totally on board with that. You recognize that old, hidden issues are keeping you from your fullest potential and from utilizing your essential personal power. Through readily acknowledging behaviors that hold you back, stuck in old patterns, you're able to make changes in your life to overcome these limiting behaviors.

You'll finally begin that exercise program, make permanent changes to your diet and nutrition or learn to speak up for yourself without fear of reprisal. These types of changes produce quick, noticeable and positive results that encourage you to stay on the path to self-improvement. Your self-discipline increases as well as your energy and ability to attract people and situations that will help you along on your path. You're quick to recognize opportunities and capitalize on them, because you accept that you're in a growing stage. You'll do what it takes to become the best, most authentic person you can be, in touch with your inner resources and using all of your personal power on your own behalf.

Pluto sextile Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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