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Pluto sextile Neptune

Spirituality, Romance and Escape

Kelli Fox

During this influence, you'll focus on your spiritual life and your relationship ideals. If you've cultivated ways to regularly escape the mundane realities of the real world, the long-term effects of these methods may catch up with you now. However, the most likely effects will show up in your spiritual or religious beliefs and your romantic relationships.

This is an excellent period for developing the more refined, nonphysical aspects of your life, for deepening your spiritual practices and investigating alternative forms of spirituality if you don't find satisfaction in your current spiritual life. In terms of romance, ideals that you've long cherished but rarely examined will come to the surface now. Whether or not you're in a relationship, it's a great time to consider these ideals and what they mean to you. Questioning whether you're satisfied with your love life may lead you to visit a therapist, to help you sort out these issues. But whether you ask for outside help or pursue this quest on your own, both your spirituality and your romantic ideals can deepen and become more significant during this two-to-three-year period, if you take the time to develop them.

Pluto sextile Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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