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Pluto sextile Mercury

Self-Reflection Leads to Knowledge

Kelli Fox

This is a very beneficial period for you, when you'll easily recognize opportunities to develop your mental abilities and thought processes. Your observations are keen and your motivation to get to the bottom of things leads you to research and investigate matters in a deeper manner than you have previously. You can sniff out lies and misperceptions and articulate them, and at the same time you're able to see directly to the core of the matter, undistracted by details that might otherwise get in your way.

You're developing a unique ability for self-reflection and a way to use this newfound ability to clarify your view of yourself and others. This is an excellent time to take on a course of study, particularly a difficult one, because you crave mental challenges and will rise to the occasion to develop those mental muscles -- a skill that will last far past the period of this two-to-three-year influence. Whether your course of study is self-directed or in the form of an organized class makes little difference, as long as the subject is fascinating to you. Enjoy this period when your logic and thought processes are so delightfully stimulated.

Pluto sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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