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Pluto sextile Mars

Charisma and Ambition

Kelli Fox

This can be quite an exciting time in your life. Your confidence and ambition are strong now, and you're able to accomplish a great deal of work toward achieving your personal goals. The emphasis here is you -- your ambitions, your work and your output.

You'll direct your energy carefully so that none is squandered -- now, you hate wasted effort more than anything -- and you're able to identify opportunities and people who can further you on your path. You're able to take advantage of these chances but not at the expense of anyone else. It's a win-win situation. Your drive is intense and your confidence supreme. While you are certainly serious, you're not without a sense of adventure. This gives you a great balance between work and play. You're sufficiently motivated but not addicted to work. Your sexual energy is likely to run high now, and your charisma is off the charts, so you'll have to learn to say no to at least some of the people knocking on your door! You can afford to be selective now, and you should be. Keep up your exercise routine in order to keep your body in top working condition. It's the vehicle you need to get you where you want to go.

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