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Pluto opposite Venus

Lessons of Love

Kelli Fox

This will be an intense two-to-three-year period. Profound issues will surface in your relationships, both existing and new ones. Very old, deep issues will come up forcibly now, demanding to be examined carefully; this is a time to review all past relationships and acknowledge your own contribution to problems.

Some of these realizations will be painful as they'll focus on patterns set in childhood, often as the result of difficult family dynamics. It's never easy to look at such painful issues, but if you can do so now, and admit now that they've had a negative impact on your relationships through your whole life, you'll be that much closer to changing things for good. Part of this process may include letting go of people who have been important in your life. Your sexual passions will run very strong during this period, and your challenge is to channel this energy effectively. Beware of secretive or obsessive relationships; if you get into one, take it as a sign that you still have plenty of issues to work out. By the end of this influence you'll be much more aware of how you contribute to relationship problems and what you can do to prevent them in the future.

Pluto opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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