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Pluto opposite Uranus

Sweeping Changes

Kelli Fox

This can be a difficult time when you feel that some of the freedom you've been fighting for may be blocked or stopped by authority figures, or even by powerful governments or other agents beyond your control. The types of changes you're dealing with may be much bigger than you, and can affect a large number of people, many of whom will be in your close age range. If this effect is negative, your urge to rebel and resist will increase exponentially, even if you're not directly affected.

It's very possible that your own sense of personal freedom may feel restricted now by authority figures or other people who seem to have power over you, or even by the demands of close, personal relationships. The best way to handle these difficulties is not to struggle or resist the changes, particularly if the issue centers on personal freedom. You may need more independence than you currently have, even if it means giving up some things that have brought you security and a sense of safety in the past. Stand aside, let the changes sweep by you and try to land on your feet. You'll feel much freer when this influence ends in two or three years.

Pluto opposite Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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