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Pluto opposite Sun

Change Yourself Via Your Relationships

Kelli Fox

For a period of two to three years, you will face difficult issues from your past, mainly in the arena of your relationships. These issues date from your very early childhood and you may never have acknowledged them to yourself before, but they have dramatically influenced the way you relate to others. Look out for controlling behavior, aggression and manipulation now, especially if you feel others are behaving this way toward you.

While these types of behaviors appear to come from others, they actually originate within you, and they should be dealt with very consciously now. The help of a qualified, ethical therapist can be invaluable for learning to identify and change these patterns in yourself. Your closest and most intimate relationships are likely to be challenging now, as are your relationships with your boss and other authorities. If you are the boss, problems with your employees may surface now. The message is the same: Learn to see how you contribute to these difficult relationships, and take radical steps to improve the way you deal with others. Lifelong improvements will be the natural result of facing this difficult period unblinkingly and head on.

Pluto opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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