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Pluto opposite Mercury

Improving Communications with Others

Kelli Fox

Lifelong problems you've had in your communications and mental processes will be highlighted during this difficult but profoundly transformative two-to-three-year period. These issues will primarily play out in your relationships, so be very attentive to situations and people who reemerge from your past or remind you of past events that you haven't completely processed yet. Be particularly mindful of situations in which you feel you're being controlled or manipulated.

Recognize that although these behaviors seem to be coming from others, they actually originate within you; you're projecting them onto others because they're too difficult to own yourself. Arguments may be frequent. As long as you play the blame game and point your fingers at others as the source of your communication problems, things won't be resolved. Get the help of an effective counselor to learn how to identify your own contribution to these difficult situations, and how to handle them more effectively in the future. This difficult process will give you skills that will last for the rest of your life and will improve your own self-image as well as all of your relationships.

Pluto opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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